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Salma Hayek discusses depression, acne issues in interview

Posted on April 5th, 2012 No Comments

Salma Hayek recently sat down with Lucky Magazine in order to discuss her personal and public life. Hayek discussed many details including her marriage, career and her battle with depression that spurred from her serious acne.

At age 25, Hayek left home in order to begin her acting career. She stated that is almost ended before it began began because her serious acne issue that spiraled her into a deep depression. Hayek stated that she could barely get a job as an extra.

She went onto say that when it was at its worst, she did not even want to leave the house or get out of bed in the morning. She began to eat to cope with her depression, which caused her to gain weight and made her depression even worse. After taking acne medication, her face began to clear up and she was able to pull herself out of the depression.

Depression is a serious condition that affects thousands of Americans. Many people turn to Zoloft or other antidepressants in order to treat it. While they work well for many people, they have also been in the news lately for their risk of birth defects that occur when taken during pregnancy. If this has happened to you, contact the Zoloft birth defect lawyers of Williams Kherkher by calling 800-641-9810 today.

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