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Zoloft Birth Defects: Pierre Robin Sequence

Posted on June 29th, 2011 No Comments

Recent studies have linked the prescription drug Zoloft to a number of birth defects, including Pierre Robin Sequence.

Pierre Robin Sequence, also known as Pierre Robin Sydrome or Pierre Robin Malformation, is a condition of facial abnormalities present at birth. The “sequence” refers to a chain of certain developmental malformations, one leading to the next.

The birthd effect involves the lower jaw being either small in size or set back from the upper jaw. As a result of the jaw placement, the tongue tends to be displaced back towards the throat. The tongue placement leads to an increased risk of glossoptosis, a condition where the tongue can fall back and obstruct the airway. Commonly, infants born with Pierre Robin Sequence will have a cleft lip.

The congenital condition is named after the French physician Pierre Robin, who first reported the combination of small lower jaw, cleft palate, and tongue displacement in 1923.

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